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  • Lara Nabil, Ghafary (Notre Dame University-Louaize, 2014)
    Purpose - The purpose of this thesis is to attempt to investigate the potential existence of an Audit Expectation Gap (AEG) in the Lebanese Commercial Banking Sector and assess the understanding of bank employees of the standards of internal audit as promulgated by both the Institute of Internal Audit and the Lebanese Central Bank. Design/methodology/approach - Deductive in nature, this thesis uses a questionnaire survey to examine the existence of a significant AEG in different areas of audit. Findings - The thesis finds evidence that an AEG exists in the areas of fraud detection and ...
  • El Hayek Bou Mansour, Michella (Notre Dame University-Louaize, 2021-12)
    Abrupt work schedules, such as nightshifts, are prevalent nowadays and are known to cause circadian misalignment and sleep disruption which can have adverse health consequences. Among the well documented pathologies among night workers are cardiometabolic impairments, the effects of which appear to be more disruptive in older adults due to their poorer adaptation to night work schedules. The physiological mechanisms by which night shift work and sleep disruption contribute to increased cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk are poorly understood. Furthermore, the potential role of specific CVD ...
  • Hanna, Jamal (Notre Dame University-Louaize, 2014)
    The study investigated the relation between the 5 components of leadership behaviors: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart, and the engagement level of 88 teachers in the shared decision-making process at 10 schools (5 public and 5 private) in Lebanon, at the level of planning, policy development, curriculum/instruction, student achievement, pupil personnel services, staff personnel, staff development, and budget management. The Leadership Practices Inventory LPI and Decision-making Questionnaire were used to measure the ...
  • Awky, Zoya Jabra (Notre Dame University-Louaize, 2014)
    The Lebanese leftist political song is an expression of a position and a belief, at times political and at others cultural. This study explores the reasons behind the emergence of the leftist political song. It analyzes more specifically the role of the Lebanese communist party and other leftist parties in supporting the artists that produced this type of songs and their role in using this particular genre as a motivator and a communication tool to mobilize their public. The study therefore examines the relationship between the political engagement of the artists and the existence of this song ...
  • Apikian, Gacia (Notre Dame University-Louaize, 2014)
    Purpose - This thesis attempts to explore the effect of online marketing for nonprofit nongovernmental organizations in Lebanon in the education sector. It also serves to investigate whether online marketing is an effective means of communication with target audiences to increase positive perception, awareness, volunteerism and donations. Design/methodology/approach - The researcher undertook a case study on Paradis d'Enfants, a nonprofit nongovernmental association of primary schools. The researcher conducted an interview, online and offline questionnaires, and reviewed online analytics to ...

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