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The Notre Dame University-Louaize Institutional Repository, known as DSpace, is a digital archive of the university's intellectual output accessible to others worldwide over the Internet. The institutional Repository contains a collection of research and publications written by academic authors, students, staff, alumni and research groups that have sufficient quality to be collected and preserved by the Library but which are not controlled by commercial publishers.

Notre Dame University members are eligible to engage in self-archiving of their digitally-born materials within the institutional repository. For self-archiving please review the Guidelines, Thesis Submission and the Submission Guidelines pages.

OR, you can email the publications you would like to add to: specialcollections@ndu.edu.lb

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  • Saleh, Yasmin (Notre Dame University-Louaize, 2019-04)
    It is evident that home is not an object, a building, but a diffuse and complex condition that integrates memories and images, desires and fears, the past and the present. This thesis focuses on ornamental motifs especially ...
  • Al Youssef, Jad (Notre Dame University-Louaize, 2019-05)
    The aim of this thesis is to study the impact of a three-year-study of computer science at Notre Dame University on the students’ academic performances. For this reason, the GPAs of the students after their first year of ...
  • Hajj Moussa, Nathaline (Notre Dame University-Louaize, 2019-05-15)
    From ages to ages there had been expectation of individuals on a specific predictions and future occurrences. So also in a game, different participant that involves in those specified game have their various expectations ...
  • Mikhael, Julia (Notre Dame University-Louaize., 2009-06)
    Social and political aspects in Lebanon were considered as an essential factor in Lebanese architecture style modification. The shift to modern architecture and design were the outcome of lifestyle’s commercial events and ...
  • Tabet, Christelle (Notre Dame University-Louaize., 2019)
    The purpose of this thesis was to study how individual psychological factors, including perceived gratifications, loneliness, and boredom, have a correlation with mobile social game uses and addiction. Notably, the study ...

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