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  • Najjar, Najib (Notre Dame University-Louaize, 2008)
    Infrastructure privatization is initiated through various modes by different countries and can generally include the construction of new privately owned facilities, privatization of existing facilities, concessions or leases, and project financing. B.O.T. [Build-Operate- Transfer] means the government grants investment enterprises an operational concession for a period, permits them to construct and administrate certain public infrastructures by financing, and authorizes them to pay off loans, reclaim investment and make a profit through charging from users or selling products. At the expiration ...
  • Araman, Sygrid Robert (Notre Dame University-Louaize, 2013)
    The aim of this study is to explore how Facebook’s platform is used in the grieving practices in Lebanon. In addition, it is supposed to reveal whether or not it soothes the five stages of grief, introduced by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross(1997): 1) Denial, 2) Anger, 3) Bargaining, 4) Depression, and 5) Acceptance, by incorporating the support of others. Results will show if a Lebanese virtual grieving outlet on Facebook is actually present and effective. Using variables such as feelings, the five stages of grief and gratification of human needs, two methods of research were used for this study, qualitative ...
  • Rivera, Daniel F. (Notre Dame University-Louaizé, 2008)
  • Nehme, Tamara (Notre Dame University-Louaize, 2015)
    Purpose -- the objective of this thesis is to empirically test the level of interdependence across commodity markets in terms of return volatility spillover, namely, corn, wheat, soybeans and soybeans oil, and to uncover the impact of macroeconomic announcements on the measurement of integration among those commodities. This will help us to investigate the extent to which different agricultural commodities can be considered as an asset class and to determine whether portfolio diversification across different agricultural commodities can still lead to risk reduction benefits, in light of the ...
  • Khairallah, Jad (Notre Dame University-Louaize, 2015)
    My dissertation explores the influential power of visual culture in reforming how we aesthetically behave with relation to contemporary television images. This influence depends on psychological and cultural structures that are linked to the television imagery, and more precisely to visually disturbing images. The approach to this question aims at examining a new aesthetic generated by the means of its television persona. I intend to tackle this by, first, drawing on the meaning of the weird and strange imagery that underlies the new aesthetic. Second, to recognize the new aesthetic tangible ...

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